Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More adventures coming soon

Dear Kennedy: I cannot believe my mom has let all this time fly by without writing to you. When mom came back from vacation, the two people she walks with said "we have a surprise for you" and what a surprise it was....Chumley, one of my best buddies in the morning group, had learned to jump up on the rock. I was shocked that big, lumbering Chum could do it!! And he just jumps up, even without JB telling him to do so

So, now, all 3 of us jump up on the same rock -- but it has to be a BIG rock, since my other 2 dog friends are pretty big. But we have done it..right now, we have to get the picture taken fast. WE are called "the Rockhounds" and we are going to try to submit the picture to the newspaper! Mom thinks we need a good camera person, since we are all black..she says photographing black dogs is hard. But I know we will get it done! So look for a picture soon!

I love my mornings with Chumley and Kate...and my afternoons with the Golden Retriever gang.