Friday, December 26, 2008

More to tell

I need to add more to our story of Winter Wonderland. 

The best part of the whole event was my Auntie A came and picked us up and rescued us!!  We were so overjoyed.  Mom and Auntie A were wondering how to get me into her car, when I made a flying leap into the trunk!  I stunned them with my agility to do so.  We got through all the down trees and icy conditions on River Road...we were SHOCKED at the conditions our Auntie A drove through to rescue us.

Her home was decorated for Christmas, was warm and plenty of food and drink.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  We had fun playing with Charlie and then Auntie A and mom went downtown for a much needed outing.  She told me to "be on extra good behavior" and I was..I never woke her up in the middle of the night for anything!  I just laid and was a good boy.  We both had a much needed good sleep that night.  The next day we had waffles and went out and played in the snow. 

A thank you is not enough for what our Auntie A did for us!  We love her so much.  A very special angel she was to rescue us and save my mom's sanity!

Winter and Christmas

Merry Christmas to all...and a good night to Mister Snow!  

While we seem to have been holed up at home this past week, we were able to venture out for a few fun outings.

There were a few days of going nowhere...except up to the road to check the ice conditions (which seemed like SHE was doing that about every 2 hours!)...we lost electricity for 24 hours or so which seemed awful, as ice and branches fell.   Mom then decided to make a run for it into Salem. She packed up all my food and gear and tried to load me into the car.  I did not want to go.. I knew it was worst out there further into Salem.  Finally, she pushed me into the car and there was no stopping her.  We made it past some down trees and River Road was closed at Halls Ferry ...well, I tried to tell her!   She was complimentary towards me, and says from now on she will trust me and MY instincts!!!   

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sibling Party

Friday afternoon mom and I went to Portland and around 6:00 p.m....all my aunties and uncles showed up!  What fun they had...there was cheese fondue and wine and then they all left me at the apartment and went somewhere for about 2-3 hours!

Upon returning, there was a delicious (0r so it looked) pear & apple tart Aunt Janet had made with homemade eggnog ice cream.  Then an exchange of gifts...and now we have a beautiful Christmas Angel, a handy, beautiful bag (which we used today on our walk), soap, photo cards, and a great dress for mom!  (some other things too!)....

Conversation was pretty lively...with Aunt Patty showing off some special ornament (I won't say) she was taking for Camden that the City of Portland or the restaurant GAVE her...(!!)...and then discussion turned to me giving a hamstring to Aunt Janet and she giving me one of her kidneys in exchange.  I know it sounds strange, but that's what I heard.  It was "O'Dark Thirty" when they all left and we tumbled into bed!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Was I excited on Saturday!!!  All THREE of my stockings were hung by the fireplace with care!
I even danced a little jig.....I don't think there is anything in them now...but I know they will be filled!  These stockings are from some of my favorite people....from the left...Auntie A, Michael & Kylie, and my first family the Kirbys.  

Due to my kidney disease...I know I cannot have my favorite cookies anymore..but I know they will be filled with homemade pumpkin biscuits, carrots and other new delectable treats!!