Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jack's Playtime School

Here is Jack at Dog Bark playing ...he is one of the few dogs that will go on this new piece of equipment, and for a large dog...amazing. He is having so much fun at Dog Bark...when I turn to go down the street (which is still 1.5 miles away, he starts "squealing" in the car!! There are webcams ( so you can watch him playing! It is hysterical. On Friday, he played with Sasha Fierce, a Boston Terrier, about the size of one of one Jack's legs. When I picked up Jack at noon, Sasha wanted to go home WITH that was a struggle trying to keep Sasha contained! (Sasha's mom is a friend of mine, so they have met before).
The "Bark Rangers" (the girls who own it) say Jack is a delight and everyone loves him.. His first report card : Playfulness A+, Loveability A+, and Overall A+...."Calm, loving and well of the sweetest dogs to walk through the doors"! Thank you, Guide Dogs.