Friday, January 16, 2009

observations from the hospital

I have spent the last few days at the hospital in Portland with my favorite person, my Papa!!
Tuesday night Auntie Patty called and said get up here pronto!  We flew out of the house and drove up.  Mom left me in the car and ran about an hour, she came to the car  & I was able to go in the hospital room!!  I ran up to Papa who was laying in this great big bed -- I wanted to hop up and join him!  He recognized me and was not even surprised I was there!!  

It was a few hours later, and Papa seemed to be getting a little bit better.  All the relatives were nice and thought perhaps it was my appearance that helped Papa.  If I could still eat "Nordstrom pink cookies", I would claim the recognition and make them all buy me cookies to reward me.  Actually, I think the credit goes to Auntie Mary Ann, who brought Fr. Rick for blessings and the prayers by everyone that night.  

Also credit has to be given to Nurse Helga.  The next day, Helga came in and said to are not "on the bus" today and you will not be "on the bus" tomorrow!  I did not know what she meant by "the bus", but my mom told me.  So, when walking today, we were stopped at the corner, and the city bus stopped -- I ran the other way!  No way was I getting on the bus!  

Now, every day there is a yellow school bus I see parked on Vitae Springs Road.  I told mom it is a good thing we lock the gate, so that bus does not come down our lane to pick us up!!

There are more observations that I will write about later!  Tomorrow is Papa's birthday and I can hardly wait to see him again!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 16th - a great day

We soon will be approaching January 16, a "holy" day in the Buck family.  We remember this day as St. Shotsie's Birthday and Brother Berard's feastday.  

And we need to add another event to this day, as my mom just remembered that this is the day the Guide Dogs for the Blind called her and said they had a dog for her to meet -- named Kennedy!!   Yes, this is the day when I learned I had someone coming in to probably take me to their family.  

So when Janet learned she was having her surgery this day... we said it was a good sign!  

I am progressing as well as can be with my kidney failure.  Am on a strict diet and now weight 95 lbs and have more energy.  I am eating all the right foods.  There has been times when I have not liked the food, much to my mom's anxiety, but we are working it out.  Been stressful for BOTH of us!!  So thanks for all your concerns and prayers.  I do catch my mom eating in strange the garage and the bathtub...but she is trying to be nice and not eat all that good food in front of me!!