Monday, September 28, 2009


Here I am...all cuddle up in my mom's lap, while she "operates" on all my animals I "overloved" this week....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our friend Darrel

Dear Kennedy:

Please look for our friend Darrel Valentine in heaven. He was recently mugged and died a few days later. It is so very, very sad. Mom and I met Darrel soon after she got me..we started a new routine of walking at Minto Brown in the morning before work. There was Darrel and his two older Labradors -- Velvet and Lady. Darrel was 74 years young...and walked over 10 miles a day. By the time we arrived at Minto, Darrel probably had walked for an hour or more. He was a gentle and loving man. Soon after we met him, he took possession of another black lab, Nike -- she was a little skittish but settled down under Darrel's care. How we will miss this wise and gentle man.

We hope the criminal (who was looking for money for drugs) who mugged and left him so injured he suffered a stroke will get arrested. So, please, Kennedy, look for Darrel..perhaps you two will start doing laps around the track in heaven; he needs a good Black Lab!! That would put a smile back on all of our faces at Minto Brown!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family events

Dear Jack:

Please note to contact the editor of the Buck Banter about an incident that occurred recently that may exonerate me as being the "worst offender" at a family event. It is "Hush Hush" for now!!!
This is a "gentle reminder"...!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kennedy from Jack

Hi Kennedy, it's me Jack. Mom was sad today, so I have been keeping her busy at the office throwing the ball to me, and playing with the other West Paw toys Ryan & Nikki sent me.

One thing she forgot to mention was on the first day of 2002, you "reversed" your walk -- instead of walking towards the Capitol, you started walking through town, and followed that walk ever since. She thought it insightful that you know to do it that year. Also, since the 9/11 anniversary is coming up, how you & she just stayed home all day together and watched the horrors and what a comfort you were to her.

We still want to mention your last heroic deed that never got you saw those 2 boys struggling in the water, and you barked and alerted mom to the impending disaster! I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Here's hoping all heaven has been baking those cookies for you...I am sure Poppy has been the taskmaster and organized a great Party for you!! Lots of love....Jack

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Kennedy...9/9/09....your tenth birthday. It was going to be a big celebration for
"my niner"! But somehow, I knew from the beginning, you were never going to live to see "double digits". I miss you every day.

At the office, Rob dubbed you "the worker". Whenever a candidate came to the office for an interview, you had to be in the meeting, too; we valued your input! Whenever there was a conference call, you were right there by the conference phone. A couple of times, we tried to close the door, only to hear you pawing the door. I remember one meeting with the head of the Dept of Revenue, when you let out a "stinker"....well, we never liked what they said in that meeting either. Once, on a conference call, a dog started barking ...and you raised your ears, but never barked back. You were the perfect office dog.

I know you and Poppy sent me Jack, a fun loving puppy who makes me laugh all day knew I needed him. I do miss my wise old soul however...lots of love and hope you have snickerdoodles and Nordstrom pink cookies all day long!!