Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jack !

Have not updated in FOREVER......Jack continues everyday to see the value of play AND work..and is so good and patient and kind ...and also fun and funny! He knows the way to Great Harvest, of course, and people are amazed at how he patiently waits while I go inside and get our "cheese stick" that we both munch on as we continue our walk around town!

This weekend, he had "enough" of just playing at Minto Brown...and ran down to do the whole loop down by the river and then through the fields...about a 3 mile jaunt. He loves this walk, and finally was able to do it, since the river has gone down. A little muddy in spots, but ok. I am sure we will be doing the walk later today also!

And lately, when I wake up in the morning, his shoulder and face is always on some part of my he wants to sleep, but wants to be sure to wake up in case I leave without him!! Fabulous creature, my Jack!!