Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey Jack! Swimming finally!

Hey Jack, it's me Kennedy and I have Max here with us too...weighing in on you finally swimming in the river, right outside your bedroom door! Boy, it sure has taken YOU a long time to finally "get permission" to run down to the river and take a swim! Mom has finally "loosened the lead" on you...but she still goes down to the river WITH you, and you do wait for her, which is probably a good thing.

Max says he remembered being let out of car at the farmgate, and he would get in the river there and swim on home! He has lots of other stories, which we will share later -- like jumping on the countertops, etc. But, we are glad you FINALLY learned how to lick the bowl clean after cookie making....that took some time too!

Glad you are having such a fun summer...Max says he ncver went to Minto 2x a day and never got to go to the he thinks you and I had it pretty good! But you are a great ball catcher and swimmer, we admire your athletic skills. xxoo