Friday, June 27, 2008

Hotsy Totsy

Since it is going to be a "scorcher" today, we went on our walk earlier -- whch means we see different people.  Today I saw Chief Justice Paul DeMuniz...what a nice man he is, a pillar of the community.  He chatted with he wears those long black robes, so he understands what I go through.

The next block, the barbershop was open and I walked right in and was getting ready to plop down, when Mike the barber said .."Kennedy, there are about 5 guys ahead of you".  Mom has been talking about a "cut and shave" for me, and I have not seen any appointments yet on the calendar, so I thought today was a good day to "get it done"!!  I would not leave the barber had to drag me out of there (i.e. bribe me with a cookie).  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Check up today

Check up day is always a little scary.  First the weight in, with this huge scale.  Then all the probing and looking in my ears.  Last night at dog park, mom told someone we were going to have to walk all night long for the big weigh in today I closed my eyes and jumped on the scale...and I weighed 105!!!!  I've lost 8 lbs.  Even after going for ice cream this month!  My ears looked good and no bumps on my legs!  

I have been walking extra hard at dog park, so I will try to get to 99 lbs, my goal weight.  Since I am turning 9 on 9/9...I want to weigh 99 lbs that day.  Shoot for the nines!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kennedy State Park

I have been walking through this park outside the front of the Capitol for seven years now.  Daily. (not counting Sat or Sun).  All of a sudden, "they" named the Park:  State Capitol State Park.  Now, isn't that a redundant name for a park????

About a month ago, I saw them put the sign up...and they were laying the concrete for it....I was right there, ready to put my paw print it, when Bruce the State Gardener stopped me.   What a memorial that would have been.  I should have known a ceremony was in the near future...but failed to check the calendar.  A few days later, I saw my friend Sen. Rick and his aide leaving the park...they had just dedicated the park as State Capitol State Park!  I was 3 minutes late from running in and saying "no, is Kennedy State Park" .

As we continue to walk through the "redundant" park every day, we come up with ideas on how to rename this park.  I will take a picture of the current sign.  There is space for "Kennedy", e.g. State Capitol Kennedy State Park...that would break it up a bit.   More on this later.   

Am "styling" now

We have a lot to "blog and brag" about.  First of all, I have a new red Coach collar which is so beautiful and I look so good in has been the topic of conversation amongst the Salem crowd when I first wore it a few weeks ago.  Cousins Curtis and Megan gave me this nice collar and boy do I feel "styling" when I wear it.  

The first day I had it on, while walking by the local Starbucks, the group of men I always wave to waved back, and one of them pointed to their neck and signaled a thumbs up!!  Then later, as we were walking through the mall, I passed the Governor, and he said "hey big guy", then said, "nice collar".  I looked up and said, "Coach, of course"!!  

So, thank you Loebs for making me a stylesetter.  I will post a picture, once I get cleaned up and my hair trimmed!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tit for Tat

Our daily "walk around town", also known as "the cookie walk" -- to distinquish between the morning walk with Charlie and the dog park walk with Solomon -- is one of my highlights of the day.  More on the details later, as I will elaborate on the people I meet and greet and funny observations along the way, plus some of my favorite stopping places.

Today, while crossing the street, I see the bank.  They give me cookies (a dog biscuit) I start heading to the bank.  Mom pulls me on the leash and says, "No Kennedy, we have no money for the bank today and so we cannot go into the bank today."  Now, I could care less about this "money" thing (I really do not understand it)..I just want to see the bank crew and moreover "get the biscuit".  I tug the other way..."No, Kennedy...we cannot go in".  A man on the street stops my mom, and says..."go in, they don't care".   Mom is adamant..and we continue our walk.

Now we are at Willamette University, and mom sees the little store and says, "Kennedy, we are going to the little store because I need some candy".  Now, I don't eat candy.  She wants her spice drops.  Well, she did not stop at the bank for my pull her the other way, not going down the steps to the store, and head right for the creek.  No biscuit, no candy.  

So we both learned today...."tit for tat".  Tomorrow, we will probably stop at both the bank and the candy store!!!  

Pink Cookie

 this is a half eaten Nordstrom Pink Cookie!  I found the picture on the computer this morning...what you do not see is me drooling, while my mom is taking a picture ...I am impatiently waiting for her to give me the rest!!  Thank goodness Nordstrom is only making them in the large size for now!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Conquering your fears

Here I am ...back swimming again, after last week's scare.  This is down at MintoBrown...a good place to swim.  In the picture below, I stood and looked at the river for awhile, to assess the situation.  I could see the strong current in the middle, but the shore looked pretty good.  I ran down...and jumped it.  

Back in the Saddle