Saturday, July 4, 2009

And the golden retrievers

Back on..I forgot about the golden dogs up here -- Buffy, Carly & Kelsey -- they have been at a Golden Retriever Summer Reunion the past just briefly saw them before they left!

A quick check in...

Hey all...I am here in heaven...and I saw a computer. I think I will be yanked from it, because we are not suppose to talk to you mortals....but quickly, let me tell you Poppy and I are having a grand old time. Uncle John Lell, well, he is still eating his tomatoes with sugar on them, beating Poppy at cribbage...and both of them are eating sausages and hot dogs all day long. And the Chicago gang is all here too...can you say "Sprechen sie deutsch"??!!!

Opps...I have to run...but quickley...Mary Ann & Jim...I see Boey hopping around...Bliss was well named, because she is so happy, Shotsie is just about the coolest dog around, Pretty is spending all the time watching the new baby girl of the Uffelmans, and of course my mom's Booker, Paisley & Max & Noah all bombarded me when I got here! take care of yourself and get rested & get happy please...we all love you. Mom, you start eating something other than that Yoplait drink...and all of you thank you for taking care of my mom...I love you all and hope you will love Kennedy 2! You are the best!