Friday, July 8, 2011

2 years of JACK!

Two years ago I traveled to Boring, Oregon to see my new puppy Guide Dogs for the Blind picked for me. Going into Karen's office I see this darling little dog who is sitting in the same room as a cat! As soon as he saw me, he starting wagging his tail, with a look of concern that he is hoping I am the one to take him home. I remember thinking, "he is too small for me", since he seemed so little (68 lbs!). Karen took me outside with him and practiced with us on the commands. She told me to go straight home and let him get used to just me for awhile, before meeting anyone else.

I got in the car with then "Nexus" and he laid on the floor in the backseat. I talked with him all the way back to Salem. He just laid on the floor, no sound at all. I decided to stop at Minto Brown Park with him, and we went for a walk. I called my friend Debi and she brought over Bearon, her German Shepard! Bearon and Jack played tug a war for about an hour...and he seemed to overcome his shyness. We "bonded" that day and afternoon. The next day, he came to the office and met everyone! What a fabulous dog he has been. I still have what his "raiser" wrote about him...."he is a sweetheart...has more personality and confidence than any other puppy I have raised" ..he loves being by your side." are a darling are so good, and such a special creature....happy two years and MANY MORE!! xxoo Thank you, Guide Dogs for the Blind!


ml said...

Awww...your "gotcha day" with Jack! I love how calm and sweet this boy always is (even with our crazy clan at family gatherings). You've definitely got a keeper! Big hugs to you and Jack on your second anniversary!

gigi uff said...

Papa and Kennedy truly did pick out the "best of the best" for their Joanie....Jack, you are the love and "cuddler" of her life. We all love you too!

Travis, Kara, Tyler , Carter and Annamarie said...

I thank Jack for joining our family and the life of my beautiful aunt. A happy 2 Years. kara